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World Trade Centres Association lauds Madani Economy initiatives

World Trade Centres Association lauds Madani Economy initiatives
PETALING JAYA: The World Trade Centres Association (WTCA), an international trade organisation that connects more than 300 World Trade Centre (WTC) lo...

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The World Trade Centres Association (WTCA) has expressed its support for Malaysia's adoption of the Madani Economy, a framework aimed at restructuring the nation's economy and improving the quality of life for its citizens. The 10-year economic plan targets medium-term growth and social justice, with a focus on regional economic integration, domestic transformation, and national competitiveness. WTCA believes it can support these goals through its trade programs and initiatives, such as those of World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL). The organization also promotes international trade and attracts foreign direct investments into Malaysia. WTCKL aims to be the preferred business events destination in Kuala Lumpur, forging international connections to elevate Malaysia's position on the world stage. In line with the government's economic growth policies, WTCKL has pursued various certificate programs to enhance its services and practices in the business events industry. Additionally, WTCA recently announced its “Road to 500” initiative to expand its global network to 500 members over the next decade, with a focus on Southeast Asia. This expansion aims to contribute to prosperity in the region and help Malaysia strengthen its position as a leading economy in the Asean region.