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World Oceans Day: Marine Sustainability at Mars Petcare

World Oceans Day: Marine Sustainability at Mars Petcare
Andrew Russell, Global Marine Sustainability Lead at Mars Petcare explores the blue economy and Mars Petcare’s marine work this World Oceans Day

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In recognition of World Oceans Day, Mars Petcare is taking steps to drive responsible sourcing practices and improve the sustainability of fish supply chains. The company has partnered with WWF to join the Fisheries Improvement Fund, aiming to improve the sustainability of fisheries on a large scale. Mars Petcare is also investing in the restoration of natural habitats, such as coral reefs, and has led the world's largest reef restoration program. By collaborating with local communities, experts, and other organizations, the company is working towards a more abundant future for all. This initiative is part of a broader effort to address the urgent need to fight climate change and protect the world's oceans. For more information, check out the latest edition of Sustainability Magazine and sign up for the global conference series, Sustainability LIVE 2024.