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Will Voting For The “Lesser Evil” Stop Trump?

Will Voting For The “Lesser Evil” Stop Trump?
It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been four years since the 2020 election – but it’s even harder to believe how little has changed. Trump and Biden are still the oldest people to ever run for President, besting their own record. Trump is still a heinous fraudster with the worst of intentions for

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The 2020 election is still a hot topic as Trump and Biden remain the oldest people to ever run for President, surpassing their own record. Biden's support has waned due to his failure to deliver on his promises and his backing of Israel, leading to a revolt among the youth. Despite this, many Americans are dissatisfied with their options, with only 28% saying Biden is a good or great President. The rise of right-wing populism is connected to the failure of the political establishment to address the needs of the majority. Trump's support among Black and Latino Americans has grown due to Biden's failure to improve their lives. Biden's presidency has inadvertently strengthened Trump's position, allowing him to pose as an anti-war candidate. The best choice for working-class people and youth in the 2024 election isn't Biden, but an independent candidate with a real working-class program. If Trump wins in November, it will be the fault of the Democrats for failing to improve the lives of working people and for the death and destruction of innocent people abroad.