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Will 2024 Be a Foreign Policy Election?

Will 2024 Be a Foreign Policy Election?
For the first time since the '04 and '08 elections, which took place amid the Iraq War, foreign policy is at the forefront of a presidential race.

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Foreign policy has become a central theme in the current U.S. presidential race, with voters prioritizing its importance more than they have in over a decade. However, President Biden's handling of foreign policy issues is significantly undermining his standing in some polls, with only 38 percent of American voters approving of his approach. Three major foreign policy issues shaping public opinion include the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, Russia's war with Ukraine, and Venezuela's incursion into Guyana. These conflicts are contributing to a sense of unease among voters and testing U.S. diplomatic resolve and commitments to allies. As the November election approaches, it's becoming increasingly clear that foreign policy isn't just a peripheral issue, but a central theme that could decide the next occupant of the White House. The impact of international events on domestic electoral outcomes cannot be underestimated.