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Why mathematics is set to be revolutionized by AI

Why mathematics is set to be revolutionized by AI
Cheap data and the absence of coincidences make maths an ideal testing ground for AI-assisted discovery — but only humans will be able to tell good conjectures from bad ones.

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Mathematical Conjectures and the Role of AI

In a surprising turn of events, researchers at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences have discovered that artificial intelligence (AI) can predict the complexity of elliptic curves, a crucial step in solving one of the seven Millennium Problems. This revelation has sparked a debate about the role of AI in mathematics, with some arguing that it could revolutionize the field. AI has also made significant contributions to knot theory and the discovery of new mathematical formulae. However, while AI can help spot patterns and form conjectures, it still lacks the intuition and broader context needed to identify important mathematical discoveries. Despite this, many believe that AI tools can provide a decisive edge and open up new avenues for research in the mathematics community.