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Why Don’t We Have Better Candidates for President? | CT News Junkie

Why Don’t We Have Better Candidates for President? | CT News Junkie
If you saw the recent presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, you may have found yourself thinking: Really? These are the two best candidates the United States has to offer? How did that happen? The episode you’re about to hear can help explain how that happened. The core of this episode was first published in 2018, during Donald Trump’s presidency; this is an update, but we’ve also added a new voice: American politics is trapped in a duopoly, with two all-powerful parties colluding to stifle competition. We revisit a 2018 episode to explain how the political industry works, and talk to a reformer (and former presidential candidate) who is pushing for change.

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In a recent episode of Freakonomics, Andrew Yang discusses the state of U.S. politics and his decision to leave the Democratic Party and launch the Forward Party. Yang, who ran for president in 2020 and mayor of New York City in 2021, offers insights into why he believes the current political system is broken and how it can be fixed. He points to resources and research that support his views on the need for political innovation and stronger democracy. Despite his unsuccessful runs for office, Yang's ideas continue to resonate with a substantial following.