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White House Publishes Steps to Protect Workers from the Risks of AI

White House Publishes Steps to Protect Workers from the Risks of AI
Last year the White House weighed in on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in businesses. Since the executive order, several government entities including the Department of Labor have released guidance on the use of AI. And now the White House published principles to protect workers when AI is used in the workplace.

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The White House has taken steps to protect workers from the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. This comes after the release of principles that apply to the development and deployment of AI systems. The principles include ensuring awareness, ethical development, governance and oversight, transparency, compliance with existing workplace laws, enabling AI systems to improve job quality, supporting workers during job transitions related to AI, and ensuring the privacy and security of worker's data. These principles aim to protect workers and ensure that AI systems do not violate or undermine worker's rights. The move comes after the Department of Labor and other government entities released guidance on the use of AI in businesses. The White House's publication of these principles is a significant step in addressing the potential risks of AI in the workplace.