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White House provides cybersecurity tools to New Mexico schools

White House provides cybersecurity tools to New Mexico schools
State and federal officials are looking for ways to beef up cybersecurity in schools, which can become targets for cyberattacks.

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New Mexico Schools to Receive New Cybersecurity Tools

New Mexico schools are set to receive new tools to combat cybersecurity threats, following a meeting between state representatives and White House National Cyber Director Harry Coker Jr. The meeting, which took place in Santa Fe, resulted in the announcement that K-12 schools in New Mexico will have access to a range of new cybersecurity tools at little to no cost. This comes in response to a growing number of cyberattacks targeting schools, which have resulted in the release of sensitive information and lost learning time. The federal government will provide a new cybersecurity guide, access to IT experts, and other benefits to help protect educational institutions. The move is part of a broader push by the Biden administration to shift the responsibility of cybersecurity defense away from individuals and local governments and towards state and federal agencies. Coker emphasized that school administrators should not be solely responsible for defending cyberspace and that the government is there to help provide protection and alleviate long-term risks.