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When a Trump rally t-shirt is more than just a shirt

When a Trump rally t-shirt is more than just a shirt
Crass political merchandise is not new, but a vulgar t-shirt sold at Trump rallies seems to be setting a new low bar. What do people buying it think about the message it sends and about wearing it?

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Trump rallies are known for the variety of merchandise available, including t-shirts with controversial slogans. These shirts are not official campaign apparel, but are sold by vendors outside the rallies. The shirts have been criticized for their lewdness and misogyny, with some targeting women of color. Despite the offensive nature of the shirts, Trump's supporters defend them as just words and a reflection of his anti-PC brand. However, critics argue that the shirts contribute to incivility and sexism in American politics, reflecting a partisan gap in attitudes about gender. Studies have found that Trump voters, including women, are more likely to hold hostile sexist beliefs.