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What might America's next economy look like? - Marketplace

What might America's next economy look like? - Marketplace
"The economy isn't working for so many people. It's a time for reimagining what the economy could do," says Natalie Foster.

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The American economy is undergoing a shift as the traditional neoliberal framework is being questioned for its effectiveness and role in widening inequality. The Overton window, which represents the range of policies the public is willing to consider, has expanded in recent years, leading to a reimagining of the economy. Natalie Foster, President of the Economic Security Project, is advocating for a new economic policy that includes guarantees such as baby bonds, which are being tested in states like Connecticut, Washington, DC, and California. Foster argues that these programs actually encourage ambition and innovation, as seen during the pandemic when economic security led to a 24% increase in small business creation. This shift in economic policy is being discussed as the country transitions out of the pandemic.