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What could Project 2025 mean for the rest of the world?

What could Project 2025 mean for the rest of the world?
The 922-page right-wing wish list for a Trump comeback includes pointers on foreign policy and defence.

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The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington, DC, has released a 922-page transition plan called Project 2025, which outlines a right-wing model of governance. The plan, spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation, proposes a dramatic overhaul of the federal government, expanding presidential power and purging the civil service of "liberals". It also offers pointers on foreign policy, advocating for a hawkish approach towards China, ramping up nuclear weapons production, and targeting international aid programs. The plan also includes domestic policies such as deporting undocumented immigrants, giving states more control over education, and limiting progressive initiatives on LGBTQ rights. Despite the plan's connections to former President Donald Trump, he has distanced himself from it, claiming he disagrees with some of its content. However, many of the contributors to the plan have ties to the Trump administration, raising questions about the potential influence of Project 2025 on a second Trump administration.