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Weather from Microsoft Start: AI-powered precision in forecasting

Weather from Microsoft Start: AI-powered precision in forecasting
In weather forecasting, accuracy reigns supreme. An inaccurate forecast can ruin a barbecue, shorten an outdoor walk or change your weekend plans, but in many cases, the stakes are much higher, and AI can help. With AI technology, the Weather team ha

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Microsoft's Weather from Microsoft Start has been named the "overall most accurate weather forecast provider globally" for the second year in a row by ForecastWatch. The company's AI-powered technology has allowed it to improve its predictions and set a new standard in the industry. An independent study of 22 weather services for the entire year of 2023 found that Weather from Microsoft Start had the top scores for multiple metrics, including high and low temperature predictions and cloud cover forecasts. This comprehensive, data-driven approach has made it possible to offer a complete range of solutions to users, with better accuracy than was previously possible. The company's commitment to improving weather preparedness on a global scale is evident through its partnership with NOAA's Weather Ready Nation and the UN's Early Warnings for All initiative. Additionally, Weather from Microsoft Start is integrated into various Microsoft platforms, delivering accurate information and insights to help people make more informed decisions to keep them and their loved ones safe.