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VCs pour $750m into AI crypto race — here’s who’s winning

VCs pour $750m into AI crypto race — here’s who’s winning
AI investments in crypto have almost reached $750 million so far in 2024.

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Investors have poured $750 million into artificial intelligence-linked crypto projects in 2024, marking a significant rebound for the sector. The intersection of AI and blockchain is expected to offer a wealth of opportunities, with researchers estimating that the combo will add $20 trillion to the global economy by 2030. AI-linked stocks like chipmaker Nvidia are on the rise, contributing to the total value of AI tokens reaching $27.6 billion. Market watchers anticipate growth in raises and acquisitions in the overall crypto industry this year. Some of the biggest winners in the AI-crypto space include Exohood Labs, Auradine, Zama, TradeAlgo, and Passes, which have collectively raised millions of dollars from various investors. The buzz around AI and crypto is palpable, and the industry is expected to continue to grow. For DL News, I'm Eric Johansson.