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US Shoots Itself With Own Super-Weapon

US Shoots Itself With Own Super-Weapon
By increasingly weaponizing the dollar and access to the dollar-denominated global trading system, America has taken to the greenback with a blowtorch that will trigger a reckoning for the ages.

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The United States has inadvertently harmed itself by weaponizing its own currency. The US dollar, the most powerful weapon in the country's arsenal, has been used to impose sanctions and coercive measures on other countries, leading to a backlash from the international community. This has prompted the BRICS countries to launch counter-measures that will fundamentally shift the balance of global power. The weaponization of the dollar and the global trading system has led to a decline in the US's unique competitive advantage and has caused other countries to seek alternatives to the dollar. As a result, an alternative trading mechanism to compete with SWIFT and the creation of institutions to displace the IMF and World Bank are being considered. The US's actions have caused a real danger of the world sundering into two systems, with many countries signaling their desire to join the BRICS framework. The consequences of the US's economic coercion are far-reaching and have led to a global reckoning.