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UK Automotive needs a manifesto made for global success

UK Automotive needs a manifesto made for global success
A major transition in the UK’s automotive factories is underway with manufacturers retooling to build the very latest and greenest models. New SMMT figures published this week reflect that journey, with an expected downturn in output volumes as production lines are repurposed…

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The UK automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation as manufacturers retool their factories to produce the latest and most environmentally friendly models. New figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show a decrease in output volumes as production lines are repurposed for next-generation models and technologies. This transition requires significant investment in greener vehicles, facilities, infrastructure, energy, skills, jobs, and trade. The SMMT has called on the next government to support the sector and implement an industrial strategy fit for the current decade and beyond. The SMMT's Manifesto 2030 outlines five key pledges for the next government, including scaling up domestic EV and hydrogen supply chains and securing free and fair trade deals. Collaboration and a holistic strategy are crucial for achieving net zero and a connected and automated vehicle transition. The SMMT's International Automotive Summit on June 25 will bring together industry and government representatives to discuss these challenges and opportunities.