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Trump walks back remarks on birth control restrictions

Trump walks back remarks on birth control restrictions
Donald Trump on Tuesday walked back remarks that he was open to restrictions on contraception, after an outcry that underlined his presidential campaign's vulnerability on reproductive rights issues.

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Donald Trump has clarified his stance on contraception after facing backlash for suggesting potential restrictions. In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump emphasized that he does not support a ban on birth control and will not advocate for restrictions. This comes after his earlier comments about "looking at" the issue, which raised concerns about his views on reproductive rights. President Joe Biden's re-election campaign quickly seized on Trump's remarks, highlighting the potential impact on women's access to birth control and emergency contraceptives. Trump has previously wavered on women's issues, including abortion, and his mixed signals have had political consequences for the Republican Party. The Supreme Court's 2022 ruling on abortion has also had a significant impact on Republicans, leading to disappointing election results and losses in referendums.