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Trump: times of change and confusion
Trump: times of change and confusion

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The world is still reeling from the shock of Donald Trump's victory in the United States elections. The press is abuzz with opinions and reports on the new situation, influencing it more than ever. Trump's proposed political agenda for the United States and the world, as well as for Israel, differs significantly from the previous Democratic administration of Barack Obama. His approaches include combatting radical Islam, restricting immigration, and promoting economic protectionism and political isolation. While Trump has not yet taken enough measures to predict a radical political change, he seems to want to fix the mistakes made by the previous administration in a context of economic globalization. Israel falls into Trump's vision as an ally in the fight against radical Islam, especially that promoted by Iran. However, Trump must still consolidate hegemony in his country and in Europe, where liberal elites are suspicious of his figure. It is early to claim that Trump shares the ambitions of the far right, and he probably will not. But meanwhile his ambiguous speech and the passionate political divisions he generates are a symptom that he is not yet consolidating comprehensive leadership.