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TruBit Reinvents Cross-Border Payments with the Launch of TruBit Business

TruBit Reinvents Cross-Border Payments with the Launch of TruBit Business
Cross-border payments significantly impact the economy and the well-being of millions worldwide. In 2023, according to the World Bank, formal remittan

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TruBit Launches TruBit Business to Revolutionize Cross-Border Payments in Latin America

In a move set to transform the landscape of cross-border payments in Latin America, TruBit, the comprehensive virtual assets ecosystem, has unveiled TruBit Business, a financial solution designed to streamline and reduce the costs of international transactions. According to Hongyi Tang, LATAM Regional Manager for TruBit, the new initiative promises to leverage blockchain technology to eliminate traditional barriers and facilitate more efficient management of cross-border payments. Launched in the last quarter of 2023, TruBit Business is already processing over $100 million monthly and is available to all in need of global payment solutions. With key financial destinations including the Asia Pacific corridor, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and the USA, TruBit aims to strengthen its position in the Latin American market and contribute to the region's economic development. The company's expansion into the global market comes at a time when the industry exceeds $439 billion, according to the study "The Future of Remittances in Latin America" by Mastercard. Tang concludes that TruBit Business is a key piece in the new economy, offering a safe alternative that expands economic opportunities in Latin America and promoting greater efficiency, cost reduction, and increased financial inclusion.