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Tired of being the “nice guy” with little results

Tired of being the “nice guy” with little results
First let me apologize for the gender slant in this week’s column. It is not intended to limit the scope of the article, but I am still searching for a substitute phrase. I am not [...]

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The Armenian Weekly published an opinion piece this week expressing frustration with the lack of tangible support from the diaspora and the international community in the wake of Armenian tragedies. The author argues that the victim mentality and reliance on empathy and morality in advocacy efforts are not effective in securing support from powerful nations like the United States. Instead, the article calls for a more pragmatic and results-oriented approach that aligns with the self-interest of these countries. The author emphasizes the need for a well-informed and educated grassroots movement to effectively advocate for Armenian interests. The piece concludes with a call to remain committed to the cause of supporting Armenia and creating a world free of atrocities.