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The Wealthiest Person in Mexico
We recently compiled a list of the 22 Wealthiest People in Mexico and in this article, we will look at the richest person in Mexico. Mexico- A Global Business Destination Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, growing at an average rate of 2.1% over the last decade despite the complex international environment. […]

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The wealthiest person in Mexico is Carlos Slim Helú, with a net worth of $94.6 billion as of July 9. He owns América Móvil, the leading telecommunications company in the country, and has stakes in various other industries. Mexico's economy is the 12th largest in the world, with a GDP of $2.02 trillion and a real GDP of 2.4% as of 2024. The country's freest trade agreements make it an attractive market for business and investment, with nearshoring presenting a significant opportunity for economic growth. America Movil (NYSE: AMX) dominates the telecom sector in Mexico, with over 70% of the market share. The company aims to become a leader in integrated telecommunication services and is focusing on expanding its 5G coverage. Mexico's economic potential and the dominance of America Movil in the telecom sector make it an attractive market for investors and businesses.