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The Red Sea Geopolitical Battleground - Islamabad Post

The Red Sea Geopolitical Battleground - Islamabad Post
Recent reports say that the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Russian government might sign a military and economic agreement soon. This

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Sudan and Russia are reportedly close to signing a military and economic agreement that would allow Russia to establish a naval support facility on the Red Sea in exchange for weapons and ammunition for Sudan. This deal is seen as a strategic move by the Sudanese Armed Forces to challenge Western influence and find new economic opportunities. However, tensions in the region, particularly regarding Sudan's conflict and the ongoing Red Sea crisis, have complicated the situation. Russia and China are also working to strengthen their positions in the Red Sea area, challenging the Biden administration's policy in Africa. Critics are calling for stronger ties with Somaliland to counter the influence of Russia and China. The US needs to respond strongly to maintain balance and prevent any one power from dominating the area, including looking at the Somaliland Partnership Act again and working more closely with the Department of Defense.