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The government fears this privacy tool

The government fears this privacy tool
The Department of Justice indicted the creators of Samourai Wallet, an application that helps people spend their bitcoins anonymously.

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The Department of Justice has indicted the creators of Samourai Wallet, an app that enables users to spend their bitcoins anonymously. The indictment accuses them of "conspiracy to commit money laundering," despite the fact that they did not hold anyone else's money or engage in any illegal activities themselves. The app provides a privacy tool known as "coinjoin," which anonymizes bitcoin transactions by mixing them with others. This case has raised concerns about civil liberties and First Amendment rights, as well as the government's attempt to restrict financial privacy. The creators of Samourai Wallet are being targeted for writing open-source code and making it widely available, which has sparked fears of a chilling effect on free speech. The government's actions are seen as an attack on constitutional rights, as it seeks to limit the use of privacy tools like Samourai Wallet. The case has also raised broader concerns about government surveillance and control over financial transactions, with implications for the future of digital currencies and online privacy.