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The ‘godmother’ of AI is getting into the startup game

The ‘godmother’ of AI is getting into the startup game
She's building a new company that's trying "to make AI capable of advanced reasoning."

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Stanford University professor Fei-Fei Li, known as the "godmother" of AI, is building a new company that uses human-like processing of visual data to make AI capable of advanced reasoning. The startup's investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Radical Ventures, but the name, funding amount, and valuation have not yet been made public. Li's reputation and the intense industry interest in spatial computing make this startup investment enticing. Li's new venture comes after lobbying for more resources and talent for public-sector AI goals. The new company will be up against many others in the race towards increasingly human-like intelligence, including the potential for artificial general intelligence. Li's track record of giving birth to the deep learning foundations that underpin today’s generative AI models makes her new company attention-grabbing.