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Technology will change geopolitics
Geopolitics is the study of the effects of the Earth’s geography on politics and international relations.

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The study of geopolitics, which focuses on the impact of geography on international relations, is set to be transformed by technological advancements. The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has shown how technology can level the playing field in warfare. Ukraine's use of drones, for example, has allowed them to survive against the odds and even inflict damage on Russian infrastructure. This development highlights the importance of technological dominance in modern warfare. The spread of technology around the world has also given less powerful countries economic power and leverage over supply chains. In the context of the superpower rivalry between the United States and China, technological advances will play a crucial role in determining global competition. Additionally, cyberwarfare is expected to become increasingly important in the next decade, with the potential to disrupt energy networks, financial systems, and public utilities. It is also important for countries to understand the ideological motivations behind the aggressive foreign policy of leaders such as China's Xi Jinping. Overall, the article emphasizes the need for countries, including the Philippines, to develop their technological capabilities to defend themselves and navigate the changing geopolitical landscape.