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Study: AI could prevent future power outages

Study: AI could prevent future power outages
University at Buffalo engineers, partners create model to make nation’s grid more resilient amid extreme weather, projected spikes in demand.

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University at Buffalo Researchers Develop AI Model to Prevent Power Outages

Researchers at the University at Buffalo have developed an artificial intelligence model aimed at helping electrical grids prevent power outages by automatically rerouting electricity in milliseconds. This "self-healing grid" technology, demonstrated in a research article published in Nature Communications, uses AI to detect and repair problems such as outages autonomously and without human intervention. The system can automatically identify alternative routes to transfer electricity to users before an outage occurs, and once trained, can reroute electrical flow in microseconds. The researchers are now aiming to develop similar technology to repair and restore the grid following a power disruption. The work was supported by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation.