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Strong Air Cargo Growth Continues in May, But US Challenges Loom

Strong Air Cargo Growth Continues in May, But US Challenges Loom
Global air cargo saw a 6th consecutive month of growth in May, but stricter US regulations on China e-commerce deliveries presents a challenge

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Air Cargo Demand Continues to Surge, but US Regulations Pose Threat

The air cargo industry is experiencing a period of significant growth, with demand increasing for the sixth consecutive month. Factors such as global trade, e-commerce, and limited maritime shipping capacity are driving this momentum. However, stricter US regulations on e-commerce deliveries from China could disrupt the critical Asia-North America trade lane, potentially deterring US consumers and hindering growth. Despite positive industry trends, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Director General Willie Walsh warns of potential challenges ahead. While the current operating environment is supportive, the US regulatory changes pose a significant threat. Continued focus on capitalizing on the factors driving current growth and close monitoring of the impact of US regulations will be essential to ensure the air cargo industry remains on a sustainable growth trajectory.