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State competitions mean big boost for Wichita economy

State competitions mean big boost for Wichita economy
Bringing state competitions to Wichita State University does a lot to give our economy a lift.

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Holiday Travel Brings Economic Boost to Wichita, Kansas

As Memorial Day approaches, holiday travel is expected to bring an economic boost to Wichita, Kansas. State competitions hosted at Wichita State University are anticipated to draw in more than 15,000 spectators from across the state, filling parking lots, stands, hotels, and local restaurants. According to Visit Wichita PR Director Jemelle Holopirek, this influx of visitors means a significant impact on the local economy, with people eating at restaurants, shopping at businesses, and visiting attractions. Local manager Ruben Bowling of Social Tap near WSU expressed excitement at the opportunity to break their single-day record and provide service to those attending the competitions. The revenue generated from this weekend is expected to offset the loss of dollars as people head out of town for the holiday. Wichita State officials also note that hosting these state events gives the school a significant boost. Holopirek shared that $1.5 billion is generated annually in Wichita from tourism, and the impact of this holiday weekend will be known next week.