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Sourcery invites partners to buy stocks, create global trade alliance

Sourcery invites partners to buy stocks, create global trade alliance
Global sourcing solution company Sourcery hopes its new equity stock programme for partners will help make the sustainable cotton industry more transparent, fair and efficient.

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Sourcery, a global trade intermediary, has announced a new stock option program that invites its growers, manufacturers, traders, and brands to become equity owners in the company. The program aims to create a supply-chain-owned corporation dedicated to transforming trade for the better. The stock distribution is based on the aggregate value of equal member contributions over a five-year vesting period, with no single partner able to earn more stock than another. Sourcery has also implemented a two-tiered governance structure that gives partners equal interest and votes in the decision-making process. The company plans to raise additional growth capital through the US Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation A+ (Tier 1), allowing partners to sell their shares and profit from their investment. This move represents a shift from conventional venture capitalists, as Sourcery believes that its focus on rapid growth and immediate profitability is not well-suited for the fibre and textiles industry. The company aims to ensure a diverse partner investor pool and prevent any single shareholder from exerting undue influence. The announcement has been well-received by partners, who see it as an opportunity to define and own the future of trade, sustainable impact, and traceability. Sourcery's global managing director, Crispin Argento, emphasized that all partners hold equal weight in the decision-making process of the organization, creating a new dynamic for accountability and ensuring that promises made are delivered.