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One in seven hearing aids worn globally made in Singapore

One in seven hearing aids worn globally made in Singapore
Millions of people around the world are wearing made-in-Singapore hearing aids. Read more at

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Singapore is a global leader in the production of hearing aids, with one in seven hearing aids worldwide being made at 18 Tai Seng Street. WS Audiology, the top hearing aid supplier in the world, has its regional headquarters there. The company's Singapore operations produce more than half of all hearing aids sold worldwide and are instrumental in driving product innovation, automation, and digitalization. The 200-strong research and development team has designed the world's first contactless lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing aid and a portable Qi charger for hearing aids. The company also announced plans to open an audiological research laboratory in Singapore in 2026. WS Audiology sells over six million hearing aids a year and is the global leader in terms of sales and third in terms of revenue. The global demand for hearing aids is expected to grow significantly as the world population ages, with more than 1.5 billion people currently experiencing some degree of hearing loss. In Singapore, the rising take-up of government grants suggests an increasing need for hearing assistance. A pair of hearing aids costs $1,500 or more before subsidy. WS Audiology's director of sales, marketing, and training, Ms April Chong, emphasized the importance of early intervention for people suffering from hearing loss. She said that starting on hearing aids earlier helps maintain better overall hearing function and prevents the decline in a person's communication abilities and reduced lifestyle.