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Nurses push back on increasing use of AI

Nurses push back on increasing use of AI
Hospitals in San Francisco and across the country are embracing AI.

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Nurses from Kaiser Permanente are protesting the increasing use of artificial intelligence in hospital settings, citing risks to their jobs and patient care. A survey conducted by National Nurses United found that 60% of nurses disagreed with their employers' implementation of AI with patient safety as the first priority. The technology is being used to automate patient transfers and assess patient conditions, but nurses are concerned about the potential for errors and jeopardized patient safety. Kaiser Permanente has defended the use of AI, stating that it is meant to empower nurses and improve patient outcomes. Other hospitals in San Francisco are also considering applications for AI, with UCSF conducting research on how AI might help emergency room departments. While some experts believe that AI can help decrease burnout and improve patient care, nurses remain skeptical of the unregulated use of technology in healthcare.