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Newsom a better bet than Biden for China ties - Asia Times

Newsom a better bet than Biden for China ties - Asia Times
The recent US debate was not kind to Joe Biden. The president’s lackluster performance has prompted discussions about potential replacements, with

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The recent US debate has sparked discussions about potential replacements for President Joe Biden, with California Governor Gavin Newsom's name gaining traction. Newsom's popularity in China and his diplomatic approach to US-China relations have led to widespread support for him in the country. His emphasis on cooperation over confrontation aligns with the needs of a globalized world, and his potential rise to the presidency could be a game-changer for US-China relations and the global economy. Newsom's ability to focus on common goals rather than differences could help de-escalate tensions and promote mutual growth between the two countries. His understanding of the interconnected nature of global economies positions him well to advocate for policies that nurture economic collaboration, leading to increased trade, investment opportunities, and job creation on both sides of the Pacific. Improved US-China relations could also lead to the reduction or elimination of tariffs and other trade barriers, increased bilateral investments, and cooperation in tech and innovation, ultimately benefiting the global economy. Newsom's potential leadership could bring about a new era of international cooperation and economic growth.