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New Snickers Campaign Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

New Snickers Campaign Utilizes Artificial Intelligence
The technology has been trained to deeply mimic the personality of a major talent and generate limitless pieces of original video.

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Snickers Launches First-of-its-Kind AI Campaign with José Mourinho

In a groundbreaking move, Snickers has launched a generative artificial intelligence (AI) campaign featuring an authorized AI clone of renowned football manager José Mourinho. The campaign, which aims to coach football fans out of their "Own Goal" mistakes, utilizes AI technology to create personalized videos for fans. This innovative approach, which involves a partnership with T&Pm, Helo, and Meta, represents a significant step forward in brand personalization and consumer co-creation. The campaign has been teased on social media and is currently only available in the United Kingdom. This fan-centric approach is part of Mars Wrigley's strategy to put personalization and fandom at the heart of its "world-building" strategy for Snickers. The campaign marks a significant step toward Snickers' goal of becoming the No. 1 confectionery brand for football fans by the end of 2025.