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New Bitcoin Mining Firm Sets Up Headquarters In El Salvador

New Bitcoin Mining Firm Sets Up Headquarters In El Salvador
Bitcoin companies from the world keep an eye in El Salvador and OCEAN mining recently announced the launch of their HQ in the country.

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El Salvador Attracts Bitcoin Mining Company, OCEAN Protocol

El Salvador's appeal to companies and global brands continues to grow, with Bitcoin and Ocean Protocol announcing that El Salvador will be the "global hub of business development" for the company. Ocean Mining operates a bitcoin mining pool, allowing miners to combine their hashpower and increase their chances of earning more bitcoin. OCEAN's President, Mark Artymko, expressed excitement about the decision, citing El Salvador's potential and legislation, as well as OCEAN's mission-driven approach to decentralizing bitcoin mining. The company, led by CEO Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin developer LukeDashjr, stands out with unique features that offer miners more control and potential rewards. This marks the second mining pool announced in El Salvador, following the launch of Lava Pool by local company Volcano Energy in October 2023. El Salvador's decision to make bitcoin legal tender in 2021 has attracted more bitcoiners and companies to the country.