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Modi’s Taiwan Ties Have Rattled China

Modi’s Taiwan Ties Have Rattled China
India’s overtures to the island have coincided with a breakdown in its relationship with Beijing.

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In a recent article by Rishi Iyengar for Foreign Policy, it was reported that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's public engagement with Taiwan has raised tensions with China. Modi's response to Taiwan's president, Lai Ching-te, has been seen as a provocation to China, with whom India's relations have been strained. The article highlights the growing technological partnership between India and Taiwan, as well as the implications of Modi's decision to publicly engage with Taiwan. The article also discusses the impact of India's foreign policy on its relationships with the U.S. and China. Despite Modi's recent reelection and a potential shift in India's foreign policy, the article suggests that India's engagement with Taiwan should be seen on its own merit rather than solely through a U.S.-China lens.