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Michoacán suspension reshapes U.S. avocado market

Michoacán suspension reshapes U.S. avocado market
Avobook analyzed some of the consequences of the temporary halt in Michoacán exports in the global avocado market.

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The temporary halt in avocado exports from Michoacán has had unexpected consequences on the global market, according to a recent report by specialized intelligence company Avobook. The report revealed that California rose to a 45% share, while Peru and Colombia rushed to fill part of the gap with more shipments. Peruvian avocado exports showed the most significant change, increasing from 7.5 million pounds to 9 million, and also showed strength in Europe with stabilized shipments and a 69% market share. In Europe, South African avocado shipments captured a 12.5% market share, followed by Kenya at 12%, with prices remaining stable. In China, Peruvian avocado shipments decreased, with prices fluctuating depending on size. Additionally, in Chile, harvesting has begun, but the dry matter content is still not suitable for export, so these volumes will likely be destined for the domestic market. This development could lead to a slight decrease in Peruvian supplies, according to the report. The Global Avocado Summit, organized by the Chilean Avocado Committee and the Yentzen Group, will be held on November 21 at the Casino Monticello event center in Chile.