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Manolo De Los Santos: 'Protests over Gaza have changed the center of gravity of US politics'

Manolo De Los Santos: 'Protests over Gaza have changed the center of gravity of US politics'
Researcher and director of the People's Forum - who lives in the US - says there is a resurgence of socialist ideas

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The wave of protests demanding an end to Israel's massacre of Palestinians and a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip has unbalanced the political game and altered forces in the United States, according to Manolo De Los Santos, a researcher at the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research and co-executive director of the People's Forum. He emphasizes that it is impossible to talk about politics in the US without talking about the position of politicians regarding the current genocide against Palestinians. The protests have also impacted the upcoming US presidential elections, with Biden and Trump both facing pressure to address the conflict. De Los Santos also highlights the resurgence of socialist ideas in the US, spearheaded by union mobilizations and other struggles such as race and gender. The protests have generated significant political changes within the US, but it remains to be seen if they will be enough to change the unique relationship between the US and Israel. In addition to the Palestinian cause, other issues mobilizing people in the US include union struggles, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the struggle for women's rights. The Democratic Party finds itself on the defensive, having to explain how to do politics in these times and how to react to this crisis. De Los Santos also discusses the impact of US sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, and the mass migration of people from these countries as a result of the blockades. He emphasizes the need to understand the reasons, circumstances, and contexts behind the migration situation in the US.