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Live Updates: Cross-examination of Michael Cohen resumes

Live Updates: Cross-examination of Michael Cohen resumes
Cohen is prosecutors’ final witness — at least for now — as they try to prove Donald Trump schemed to suppress a damaging story he feared would torpedo his 2016 presidential campaign, and then falsified business records to cover it up.

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The hush money trial against former President Donald Trump resumed in Manhattan with Michael Cohen, the star witness for the prosecution, facing cross-examination from defense lawyers. Cohen's credibility is crucial to the case, as he has implicated Trump in a scheme to suppress negative stories during his 2016 presidential campaign. The trial, which is in its 18th day, will resume on Monday, with Trump's lawyer continuing the cross-examination of Cohen. The defense is seeking to call a campaign finance law expert to refute the prosecution's allegations. The trial has been marked by legal arguments, including the defense's attempt to undermine Cohen's credibility by questioning his past statements and actions. The trial has also seen the presence of conservative Republican lawmakers, who have criticized Cohen and the proceedings. The defense has also played recordings of Cohen's podcasts and TV interviews to portray his animosity towards Trump. The trial has been marked by delays and interruptions, with the judge apologizing to the jurors for the slow start. The trial is expected to continue with further cross-examination of Cohen.