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Innovative packaging solutions for the automotive industry supply chain

Innovative packaging solutions for the automotive industry supply chain
(Bild: Pro Vision Photography) Lesters has launched a new automotive division focused on enhancing supply chain sustainability. The team aims to reduce clients’ carbon footprints by optimizing supply chains and using sustainable packaging materials.

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Lesters Launches New Automotive Division to Enhance Supply Chain Sustainability

Industrial packaging company Lesters has announced the launch of a new automotive division aimed at improving supply chain sustainability in the automotive industry. The division will focus on serving OEMs, first and second-tier suppliers, and third-party logistics providers, with the goal of reducing clients' carbon footprints through the use of sustainable packaging materials.

Mark Aucott, Automotive Business Manager at Lesters, emphasized the company's commitment to helping automotive customers potentially reduce their supply chain costs by up to 25 percent. The company has also invested over £7 million in expanding its capabilities, including high-performance box manufacturing, design, and innovation facilities.

Lesters' innovative packaging solutions for the automotive sector include heavy-duty packaging for intricate components, folding pick bins, and bespoke die cuts. The company has also collaborated with leading EV chargepoint manufacturer Rolec to develop a new packaging solution for Rolec’s Zura intelligent charger, optimizing it for courier services and enhancing the end-user experience.

The new division is supported by a team of experts in design, sales, marketing, and logistics, who will work with clients to identify and create value in supply chains, reduce end-to-end costs, increase efficiencies, and boost sustainability. With its focus on sustainability and efficiency, Lesters is poised to make a significant impact in the automotive industry's supply chain.