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Indebted to China - The Globalist
China has become the largest source of development finance globally. What are the facts?

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China has emerged as the world's largest source of development finance, committing over $1.3 trillion since 2000. The country is now the biggest debt collector globally, with more than $1 trillion owed through its Belt and Road Initiative. China has funded nearly 21,000 projects across 165 countries, with 80% of its lending in the developing world going to countries in debt distress. In comparison, international aid from official donors in the OECD was approximately $223 billion in 2023. China's influence capacity has also surpassed that of the United States in 61 countries, while the U.S. lead has dropped to 140 countries. Sources: AidData/The Economist/RFI/Atlantic Council/OECD