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Huntington woman gets special invite to the White House

Huntington woman gets special invite to the White House
Beverly Little Thunder, a Lakota elder, is among a small group participating in a Pride Month event.

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Huntington Woman Invited to White House for Pride Month Event

Beverly Little Thunder, a Vermont resident and Lakota elder, has been invited to the White House for a special Pride Month event. Little Thunder, who is part of the two-spirit community, helped coin the term back in the ‘90s and is now set to meet with decision-makers in the White House to discuss issues facing the two-spirit community nationally.

Despite facing challenges after coming out in her community, Little Thunder has found a home in Huntington for the past 20 years. Her wife, Pam, expressed pride in her invitation to the White House, and Little Thunder sees this as just the beginning of her work.

The special invitation holds significance as the White House has not always been welcoming to Indigenous people. Little Thunder spends her time advocating for BIPOC and marginalized communities to own and farm land in the Green Mountains.

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