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How To Integrate Geopolitics In Your Business Strategy

How To Integrate Geopolitics In Your Business Strategy
In an uncertain world, business leaders need to place geopolitics at the top of their agendas. A series of strategies can help them do that more efficiently.

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In an article published by the Esade Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, Juan Moscoso del Prado emphasizes the importance of business leaders and boards of directors taking geopolitical factors into account when making decisions. The article highlights the impact of geopolitical confrontation, shifts of power, and redistribution of influence on global supply chains and other business operations. It also references reports from the World Economic Forum, KPMG, and EY that offer strategies for integrating geopolitics into decision-making processes and addressing geopolitical challenges. The article concludes by stressing the need for proactive discussion and management of geopolitical risks and opportunities in order to maintain business competitiveness and ensure security in an interconnected global environment.