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How the Sino-American rivalry is reshaping world order

How the Sino-American rivalry is reshaping world order
WASHINGTON, DC — Tensions between the United States and China continue to flare, even as Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and several other senior US officials visit the country for talks. The two sides may disagree on most things, but maintaining dialogue is an essential part of geopolitics.

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The ongoing rivalry between the United States and China is reshaping the world order, as tensions continue to escalate. Despite efforts to maintain dialogue, deep divides on issues such as the war in Ukraine, national security, and trade tensions are hardening into a long-term standoff. This conflict is having a significant impact on global institutions and alliances, with the G20 becoming more divided and less effective. China is also working to build an alternative world order through the expanded BRICS+ forum, which includes countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia. This shift in global power dynamics is creating challenges in addressing global issues such as climate change and migration. As the risk of a great-power confrontation increases, the window of opportunity for solving humanity’s most pressing problems is closing fast.