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How Republicans Keep Guns and Ammo Flowing to Drug Cartels |

How Republicans Keep Guns and Ammo Flowing to Drug Cartels |
Explore the impact of American gun exports on hemispheric violence while looking at the GOP's complicity in fueling it.

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American Gun Exports: A Crisis Ignored by the GOP

The export of American guns to countries in the Western Hemisphere has led to a surge in gun-related violence and homicides. Despite the alarming statistics, the GOP has been supportive of these exports, receiving significant campaign donations from the gun rights lobby. The Trump administration eased regulations on firearm exports, resulting in a significant increase in the number of American-made firearms being sold abroad. As a result, countries like Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, and others have seen a rise in murders committed with American guns.

Efforts to rein in gun exports have faced fierce opposition from Congressional Republicans, who have blocked bills aimed at tightening background checks on gun sales. President Biden's Commerce Department has attempted to restrict exports of firearms to high-risk countries, but Mexico, a major recipient of U.S. guns, was surprisingly not included in the list.

Mexico has taken legal action against American gun manufacturers, filing a $10-billion lawsuit alleging that these companies knowingly facilitate gun trafficking into Mexico. While the lawsuit initially faced challenges due to federal laws protecting gun makers, a recent ruling has allowed the case to move forward.

The fate of the victims of gun violence in the Western Hemisphere now rests in the hands of the Supreme Court, where the decisions of six Republican justices could have a significant impact on the future of American gun exports and the resulting violence in the region.