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Healthcare Industry Gets a ‘B+’ on Cybersecurity for 2024

Healthcare Industry Gets a ‘B+’ on Cybersecurity for 2024
New SecurityScorecard threat research reveals that while the healthcare sector gets a “B+” security rating for the first half of 2024, it faces a crit

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SecurityScorecard has released new threat research revealing that the healthcare sector has a "B+" security rating but faces a critical vulnerability in supply chain cyber risk. The report, "The Cyber Risk Landscape of the U.S. Healthcare Industry, 2024," shows that the healthcare industry leads in third-party breaches, with 35% of third-party breaches in 2023 affecting healthcare organizations. Medical device organizations also have a higher risk of compromise, scoring 2-3 points lower than the overall healthcare sample. Despite these risks, only 5% of healthcare organizations experienced publicly reported breaches in the past year. In response to the Change Healthcare ransomware attacks, corporate security executives are doubling down on efforts to bolster supplier oversight and cybersecurity measures. Ryan Sherstobitoff, Senior Vice President of Threat Research and Intelligence, emphasized the need to actively monitor supply chain risk to avoid single points of failure. The research was conducted on the 500 largest healthcare companies in the United States. For more information, visit SecurityScorecard's website.