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Harnessing AI: Transforming Creative Development In Advertising | AdExchanger

Harnessing AI: Transforming Creative Development In Advertising | AdExchanger
Advertisers see the value in AI. Still, there’s plenty of potential that remains untapped when it comes to developing creative.

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AI in Advertising: The Power of Personalization and Efficiency

As AI continues to dominate the advertising industry, a study by Yahoo and Publicis Media has revealed a stark contrast in perspectives between advertisers and consumers. While 77% of advertisers hold a positive sentiment towards AI, only 38% of consumers share the same view. Despite this, advertisers are leveraging AI to personalize messaging and increase production scale, with 86% having already used AI-enabled tools.

The upcoming Cannes Lions festival will see the advertising industry exploring additional ways to utilize AI in creative development, from increasing production scale to considering alternatives to A/B testing. The combination of AI and human talent is seen as a way to streamline production, with the potential to generate creative assets quicker than ever before.

AI's role in dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and multivariate testing is also highlighted, with the potential to automate content analysis and drive performance. However, it is emphasized that the partnership between AI and human talent must be a responsible one, ensuring that all images are ethically sourced with proper attribution to artists.

Overall, the use of AI in advertising has the capacity to accelerate creative ingenuity, speed, and brand outcomes, ensuring that advertisers can be leaner and more effective with their resources at each stage of the creative production process.