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Hackers beware: Research shows AI can assist with cybersecurity

Hackers beware: Research shows AI can assist with cybersecurity
A Mizzou researcher and collaborators found that leading chatbots can pass certified ethical hacking exams.

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Mizzou Researcher Finds Leading Chatbots Can Pass Certified Ethical Hacking Exams

A recent study conducted by a University of Missouri researcher and collaborators from Amrita University in India has found that chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can pass a cybersecurity exam. The study tested two leading generative AI tools, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, using a standard certified ethical hacking exam. The researchers found that both chatbots were able to explain different types of attacks and suggest security measures to prevent them. However, the study also highlighted the limitations of relying solely on AI chatbots for complete protection in cybersecurity. The researchers believe that while AI models have the potential to contribute to ethical hacking, more work is needed to fully harness their capabilities. The study was published in the May issue of the journal Computers & Security.