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GT Voice: Chip data show resilience of China-SK trade cooperation

GT Voice: Chip data show resilience of China-SK trade cooperation
While US chip bans on China have posed a challenge to the latter’s cooperation with South Korea, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of hope for bilateral collaboration in key technology areas.

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South Korea's semiconductor exports have reached a record high of $13.4 billion in June, indicating a surge in the sector despite US chip bans on China. This growth has sparked interest in whether China-South Korea cooperation in the semiconductor sector can find a new path. Although the US market has supported the growth of South Korea's chip exports, the continuous growth of the China-South Korea chip trade shows the resilience of the two neighbors in coping with external pressure and challenges. South Korea's adaptability in the global semiconductor supply chain and its ongoing efforts to advance cooperation with China in the semiconductor field have been highlighted. The US attempt to include South Korea's chip industry in its containment strategy against China has posed challenges, making it essential for China and South Korea to jointly seek a breakthrough in the chip sector amid the US sanctions. The partnership between China and South Korea in the semiconductor industry has the potential to become an important force in stabilizing China-South Korea trade during times of external risks. This collaboration holds significant importance for other nations as a potential cooperation model amid US restrictions.