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George Clooney called White House to defend wife’s work on Israel warrants

George Clooney called White House to defend wife’s work on Israel warrants
Biden had sharply criticized a move by the International Criminal Court to issue warrants for Israeli leaders.

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George Clooney called one of President Biden’s top aides to express his concern about the president’s criticism of the International Criminal Court’s actions against Israeli leaders. Clooney's wife, Amal Clooney, worked on the case, and the actor was upset about the administration’s initial openness to imposing sanctions on the ICC. Clooney still plans to attend a fundraiser for Biden’s reelection campaign, despite his concerns. The Biden campaign disputed the notion that there were serious worries about Clooney dropping out of the fundraiser. The actor has long supported Democratic candidates and causes. The Biden administration criticized the move by the ICC, suggesting a false symmetry between Israel and Hamas. The House passed legislation that would impose sanctions on the ICC, which the Biden administration opposes. The nation and the world have been enmeshed in a fiery debate over how to respond to the military campaign launched by Israel after Hamas militants surged across the Gaza border. Biden has staunchly supported Israel throughout the war, emphasizing its right to defend itself. In recent days, Biden has pushed Israel and Hamas to strike a deal that would release many of the remaining hostages and provide a pathway to a permanent end to the war. At the end of April, Biden still held a financial advantage over Trump, with his fundraising entities reporting $146 million in cash on hand compared with Trump and the Republican Party’s $88 million.