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G7 leaders end summit with warning to China, commitment to manage AI

G7 leaders end summit with warning to China, commitment to manage AI
U.S. President Joe Biden meets separately with Pope Francis and the Italian prime minister

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G7 Leaders Warn China Over Support for Russia's War in Ukraine

The G7 leaders have issued a stern warning to China, accusing Beijing of enabling Russia to maintain its illegal war in Ukraine by supplying technology to produce weapons for Moscow. The warning comes as the G7 leaders wrapped up their summit in Italy, with U.S. President Joe Biden expressing frustration over China's role in propping up the Russian war machine. The G7 also highlighted security threats posed by China to the global economy, including overcapacity in electric vehicles and trade and investment practices in developing nations. The group reaffirmed its commitment to reform multilateral development banks and counter Beijing's offering of infrastructure loans to developing nations. Additionally, the G7 leaders pledged to promote safe, secure, and trustworthy AI and AI governance that fosters inclusion, with Pope Francis delivering remarks on AI ethics in a special session with leaders. The summit, however, was not without controversy, as Italy insisted on removing a reference to "safe and legal abortion" from the final communique, drawing protests from other leaders. Leaders also committed to addressing the root cause of migration and reaffirmed support for the latest Gaza cease-fire proposal. President Biden will return to the U.S. after wrapping up G7 sessions and bilateral meetings with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the pope.