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Fluctuating Cryptocurrency Prices Are Wreaking Havoc on ICO-Funded Blockchain Startups

Fluctuating Cryptocurrency Prices Are Wreaking Havoc on ICO-Funded Blockchain Startups
In the last three months, ethereum price as fallen by over 60%. This drop in price has directly affected the budget plans of every ETH-denominated token sale within this period. Price volatility is a prominent aspect of the cryptocurrency ecosystem of today. While most ICOs executed in 2017 benefited from the significant surge in price

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Fluctuating Cryptocurrency Prices Wreaking Havoc on ICO-Funded Blockchain Startups

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing significant price fluctuations, with Ethereum prices falling by over 60% in the last three months. This drop has directly impacted the budget plans of every ETH-denominated token sale during this period. Startups and companies involved in ICOs are now facing complications in executing their token sales due to the uncertain nature of the crypto ecosystem.

In response to the challenges posed by the volatile market, India-based startup Exioms Technologies has announced that it can fast track the process of launching Ethereum-based tokens for startups and established companies. The company claims that its services will enable clients to develop and launch tokens in just a matter of hours.

The complications of running a token sale are becoming more apparent in the current market conditions. The volatility in the token market and cryptocurrency ecosystem means that original plans can be disrupted over a short period of time. As a result, speed of execution has become crucial for the success of a token sale.

Exioms Technologies is positioning itself as a partner for businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology into their operations. The company offers development and marketing services to enhance the launching process and online presentation of tokens in record time.

Beyond cryptocurrency, Exioms is already involved in serving the government, enterprise, and SME sectors in India. The company is focused on disruptive technologies such as blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, payments, fintech, and AR/VR solutions.

As the regulatory framework continues to adjust, the future of blockchain technology is expected to bring about unprecedented digital revolution. This will likely result in more services that provide adaptable solutions to help startups and traditional establishments adjust to the trend.

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